Friday, February 13, 2009

Country & Kids

One country, several islands
One might think all the islands in Samoa would have the same feel. One would also think each section of a single island would have the same feeling. Such is not true. First, the north side of Upolu is much busier and hectic than the south side, especially the stretch between the airport and Apia. Palagi influence is everywhere in Samoa but much more so on the north side. More people on the north side have jobs in Apia and this is reflected in the look of the village. Life in general on an island in the South Pacific is very laid back and chill. The further the village is from Apia, the less the palagi influence and more laid back. Savaii is even more laid back than the south side of Upolu. Once you get out of Salelologa where the wharf is, you are immediately struck by the rural ruggedness of the island. Mountains shoot up and cliffs drop to the ocean. Huge waves break on the black lava rock. Life on Savaii has an even more faifai lemu attitude (basically, take it easy, don’t worry, chill out). Apolima and Manono have their own individual pride being such small, out of the way islands. It is somewhat hard to describe, it is more something you have to experience, but each island and every village feels different.

Samoan kids
I can’t begin to describe how cute Samoan kids are. First of all, the little boys, no matter how small, walk around like they own the world. It is so cute to watch them. They start mini games of cricket when their dads are playing the full sized version. The little girls are so adorable, especially when performing siva Samoa (Samoan dancing) at a level of gracefulness I will never achieve. These kids are unbelievably tough. When these kids get hit by something, like a ball, or fall down, they just get right back up, no sniffle at all. At the same time if they don’t get their way, they will throw a tantrum unlike any I have ever seen. They climb ridiculously tall coconut trees like monkeys. They run around on rocks barefoot. They are incredibly strong. Samoan kids are the new breed of superhuman with the cutest smiles.

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