Friday, February 20, 2009

Has my life really turned into a sitcom?

I was in the office the other day, telling some other volunteers about my misadventures in Samoa; mainly how I never know what is going on, neither in my village nor the Peace Corps world, how no matter what I do I can’t seem to get away from cheeky men, and how I was the personal target for a 3 year old wielding a styrofoam cup (see above posts for full story). We had some good laughs about me being smacked with a fan by an old lady when I was late to the primary school’s prize giving because no one told me what time the event was occurring and how I was powerless to stop the 3 year old from throwing the cup at me even though I could see she was going to do it. One of the volunteers said my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa was like a sitcom. I am not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not. On the one hand, never knowing what is going on (even though I am getting used to that now) is frustrating and dealing with the cheeky men is really maddening. On the other hand, I am provided with many stories, most of them really funny. This same volunteer said he thought it was funny how cheeky and sole (Samoan for boy/man, kinda like the Scottish lad) had worked their way into my vernacular. I laughed at the truth of that; I do say sole and cheeky a lot now. I don’t know, maybe it is true; my life has turned into a sitcom. I’m ok with that; at least I get a good laugh when I think about the ridiculousness of my life.

Sometimes kids come over to my house while their moms are playing BINGO Wednesday afternoons. They play on the swings and get to be kids without the fear of someone smacking them for just being a kid. They also come over because they like me to get guava off the tree for them. They ask me all kinds of questions: where are your parents, what are their names, do you have sisters or brothers, who sleeps with you, who cooks for you, what is this, what is that? It’s really funny, but tiring sometimes answering all those questions. The other day a kid asked me if my parents were palagi or Samoan. I had to laugh at that…I may be getting a good tan, but I would still be the whitest Samoan ever.

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