Friday, February 13, 2009

Look Ma…babies!

I was sweeping out my room the other day and decided I should probably move the bed and get whatever was living under there out. I expected lots of dirt and bugs since this is Samoa and my house isn’t exactly built to any code and there are gaps to the outside everywhere. I was surprised to find little eggs under my bed however. After some inspection, I decided they weren’t spider eggs…too hard, they weren’t bird eggs…too small, they had to be reptile eggs. So in my scientific opinion, a gecko laid eggs under my bed. I shouldn’t really be surprised, because again this is Samoa and things like that aren’t really unusual, but I never really thought I’d be able to say a gecko laid eggs under my bed.
I was walking back to my house after playing volleyball one day when I felt something under my feet. I looked down but didn’t see anything. So I continued on. Again, I felt something but didn’t see anything. I was saying bye to some of the young boys when they said “Moa” or chicken. I looked down again and sure enough a little chick was at my feet. I took one step and the chick followed. Took another, and so did the chick. The chick wouldn’t move from between my feet. I didn’t realize I looked much like a mama chicken, but the little chick thought otherwise.

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