Friday, February 13, 2009

Really, did that just happen?

I was watching Anchorman to pass some time one afternoon and had a really odd experience. In one scene, Will Farrell’s character blows a conch shell to summon his news crew (I know that doesn’t make sense if you haven’t seen the movie, but just go with it). Not more than 10 seconds after him blowing the shell in the movie, a conch shell was blown in my village to call the men of the village back to work on the new fence for the school. I smiled and thought it was funny. It is one of those moments…in the movie it is funny, no one blows conch shells in real life, but oh wait….I’m in a 3rd world country where that actually occurs. The Peace Corps experience is all about the little moments like this. The ones where you go really, did that just happen? Only in Samoa and only in the Peace Corps (there have been several of those so far).

I was sitting with a few of the women to do our fa’amalositino (aerobics) and walk around the malae (playing field) when one of their little girls came up. She had just finished a little ice cake (frozen kool aid in a styrofoam cup) and had the cup in her hand. I really like this little girl, she’s in one of the families I like to hang out with. I could tell what she was going to do, but did nothing to stop it. She raised her arm up, and then all of the sudden threw the cup. It smacked right in the middle of my forehead. We all started laughing. I was powerless to get the thought in my head into the action of stopping her. It was funny. The kids made up for it by walking with me, hand in hand, during the walk around the malae.

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