Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet smells of Mortein

Mortein is the wonderful poison I use to try to keep the bugs away. It is really nasty stuff and I wonder how many years I’m taking off my life by just using it, but it does have a nice orange smell. The beauty of the poison is this…with a few seconds of spray, you can stop a cockroach dead in its tracks. It is also good for stunning centipedes, yes that’s right only stun. These aren’t inch long gross little insects; no, they are 6-8 inches long (other species in the tropics can be a foot long), carnivorous, poisonous creatures which look like they are armored for battle. One bite could leave you with swelling, dizziness, and an irregular pulse. Centipedes are extremely fast, one in my room did three laps around the place before I could catch up to it. So in order to get rid of these creatures before they attack, you spray the heck out of it with Morein so it will stop moving and then take a hammer to it. These are the measures you have to take otherwise they will comeback with vengeance.

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