Friday, February 13, 2009

What tree should we eat from today?

The Samoan national pastime, besides rugby and cricket, is eating. Samoans love food. Most of it is very heavy and starchy. Breadfruit (ulu) is like a mixture of potato and bread, depends on how you cook it. Taro is a starchy root crop. There are 10 different kids of taro, each one with a different taste. The biggest tragedy is the bananas. Instead of eating the ripe bananas (fa’ipule), Samoans take the green un-ripe bananas and either boil them or roast them over the fire. Ripe bananas are so much better. Those are the 3 main Samoan foods. Mutton (mamoe) oh so fatty, no matter how it is prepared. Chicken (moa)…just like in the US….can do anything with it. Pumpkin (maukeni) soup is really good. The best is cocoa Samoa and cocoa rice….chocolate, go figure. Not a whole lot of variety…subsistence farming, eat what you have. So many bones…gross...they even eat the marrow from the bones….I still don’t like the sound of crunching on the bones. Coffee or tea might as well be sugar water. They have spaghetti in a can (the sauce is really sweet too) and serve it straight from the can….no warming it or anything….that isn’t so great, but edible. The toasted spaghetti sandwiches are good though. I’ve eaten octopus (fe’e), sea cucumber (loli), sea urchin (tui), pigeon (lupe). I’ve also eaten some unknown species of crayfish and crab. Sardines from a can are popular as well as canned ham (Chinese version of SPAM). Corned beef (pisupo) is a popular dish…really salty and fatty. The greatest thing is all the food hanging from trees, just waiting to be eaten. Vi apples are good, just don’t eat the skin. Mangos, star fruit, bananas, avocadoes (can we say guacamole), pineapple, and coconuts. I’ve gotten pretty good at opening coconuts, but have yet to actually husk one.

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