Friday, May 8, 2009

The good parts of the job

Three or four of the Year 8 girls have been coming over to my house nearly every night for homework help. A few weeks ago they came over in the afternoon. As it started to get dark, I flipped the switch for the light. Nothing happened. I don’t think I have had one week yet where the power hasn’t gone out. Power is usually out for a few hours 3-5 days a week, so you just get used to it after a while. So I lit a candle. As the girls finished up, it occurred to me how funny this was. I remember having to do my homework by candlelight when I lived in St. Louis. I lived out in the woods and strong thunderstorms or ice storms would knock our power out and not doing my homework wasn’t an option. So I found the situation of me helping kids with homework via candlelight quite entertaining. Then we started making shadow puppets. They were in awe at some of the simple puppets I could do. We had a fun time. Again, getting through PC service is sometimes all about the little moments. This was definitely a PC moment, helping kids with homework via candlelight and making shadow puppets. A few nights ago they came over again. After they were done with homework, some of them started taking their pencils and tapping the table like it was a drum. Being a drummer myself, even though it has been a while since I’ve played, I couldn’t resist teaching them a little beat. I taught them a paradiddle. It is really simple, just R L RR or L R LL. They had fun copying the beat and trying to go fast. I teach them little handshakes too. You know the kind where you do a side high five, then back of the hand, then some fist pounds, etc. They get a real kick out of the handshakes I come up with. Why I am teaching the kids this I don’t really know, but they enjoy it.

A couple weekends ago, I went diving with the dive club. We went with Aqua Samoa again. This time the dive sites were “Stage left” and “Supo Laumei.”
Both dives were good, although there was quite a current on both. I would be looking at a fish, then the current would come and the fish was five feet down stream and I was kicking with all my might to not smash into the coral. We saw turtles on both dives; we got pretty close to them too. A couple swam right past me, within just a couple of feet. We had another fun swim through; the current made this a little interesting and a few of us got small cuts from knocking into the rough sides of the swim through. Even so, it’s always a good day when diving.

I went to Savaii for an early Cinco de Mayo party. I got to see the infamous Lusia’s lagoon fales all the Savaii kids talk about. Lusia’s is apparently where all the Savaii volunteers get together every week to hangout. Lusia’s has a dock where most of the party occurred. We jumped off it and swam in the calm waters of the lagoon and hung out on it all Saturday night. A few of the volunteers made a piñata in honor of the holiday. And since the party was also to celebrate Jim’s birthday, he did the honors of breaking the piñata; although, he nearly killed a few fellow PCVs when the stick broke on the piñata. I stayed in a fale right on the lagoon, which was awesome. I woke up way too early Sunday morning considering I was up late Saturday night, but it was nice to see the sun on the peaceful water…and also a turtle. It was nice to get out of the village and hangout with people, especially the Savaii PCVs because I don’t see them too often.

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