Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hanging out with the old ladies

I’ve had some fun the past week. There is a big conference held in Maluafou for all the EFKS pastors so our pastor was out of the village last week and is out this week. While he and his family are gone some of the older women are staying in a fale near his house to make sure nothing happens. One morning they brought me cocoa aliasa, which is rice in chocolate soup and is amazing. Since then they have invited me over for every meal and have stuffed me full of food. I hang out with them during the day and at night a lot too. We play cards, which as you know family is a big deal and I’m excited to be playing cards. I don’t get to play Euchre (although some my fellow PCVs know how to play and we play when we get together, which isn’t often but better than going 2 years without playing) or Michigan Rummy, but rather a game called suipi (pronounced sweepy) which I learned in my training village of Amaile. It is a fun game and I’m excited to teach all you back home how to play. The women are impressed by my playing ability and also love the way I shuffle palagi style. I told them I like to play cards back home so I’m not new to the concept. We have a good time talking and they like to tease me in traditional Samoan fashion. One joke we had was how I was to go fishing in the MPA and bring back two of the clams from within the pens for one of the older ladies. This was obviously not going to happen since one of the major points to the MPA is a no fishing zone, but we had a good time joking about when I was going to go and who was going to get the punishment for fishing in the MPA. Like always, I get teased about boyfriends. They loved it when I told them I had one uo in Apia, two in Savaii, and many here in Salesatele. Then they tried to guess who my boyfriends were here in the village. It was quite funny hearing them discuss who they could be, even more funny since there isn’t one of course.

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