Monday, May 25, 2009

I have water!!!

Yea!! I have running water again. Apparently, not the entire village was without water the whole time, just me and a few other families. The water for the rest of the village had been restored the day it went out. When the pastor's wife found out I didn't have water, she made sure the matai took care of it. So this morning at 7:15 a matai came to my house and made sure my pipe was off, which it still was of course. That was also funny because being semi-early in the morning I was still sleeping, so we both laughed because it was very obvious I had just woken up and I was moe umi (or sleeping a long time, even though 7:15 to me is not sleeping in). It took all of 20 minutes to fix the pipe. The problem was it was blocked. Had I known it wasn't the whole village without water I would have done something earlier. So I feel kind of stupid, but why it was taken care of only when the matai found out I had no water I don't get. The women in the fale by the pastors house had no water the past couple of weeks and they knew I had no water. And what about the other families? They had no water either. Oh well, it is probably best I don't ask these questions and just be happy I have running water again. And I got new filters for my water filter so I'm all hooked up again. I guess Dad doesn't have to take a bucket bath afterall.

We had a rubbish seminar on Saturday morning. The Waste Management (WM) division came out and presented all about Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle, proper waste disposal (such as don't throw trash in the river, ocean, or on the ground), & also told us all about the landfill here in Samoa. Not as many people made it as I wanted, but that's ok. It was rainy and nothing happens when it rains, so I have a feeling that is why people stayed home. We are going to try to do the presentation in the school later as well. I did like that people asked about composting; I think some families might try to do that. Hopefully, the awareness seminar might get some people to keep their kids from throwing trash anywhere. A rubbish clean-up is going to happen sometime; it is much needed. Plus, hopefully we can get bins and the trash truck to come into the village instead of just on the main road. I think that is one reason there is so much trash here in the village. No one wants to walk 15 minutes just to throw trash out. I was worried about the seminar being a total disaster because I had trouble getting in contact with the guy from WM to confirm he was coming and then as it came time for the seminar, no one had come yet. And I know taimi Samoa; I gave people extra time. But even when the WM guys showed up, not many people were there. But in typical Samoan fashion, people trickled in. So it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was worried though.

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