Monday, February 1, 2010

Waterfall & A New Job

In the past year and a half I don’t know how many times I’ve asked if there is a waterfall or anything fun to hike to. Response was always no. My host family had some visitors from Australia in a few weeks ago and I came to find out there is a waterfall only 10 minutes from the house. So I convinced my host family to take me one day. It is an awesome waterfall!!
The pool is so cool, refreshing, & deep.
You can climb the rocks to jump from halfway up or from the very top (about 40-45 feet). It was a nice outing and I really enjoyed the fun change of scenery. I very much look forward to going back.

I finished the proposal for the new pre-school. Finally! It took a while to put it all together. I don’t know how many drafts of the budget we had to go through, but I’m glad it is all done. I’m not as busy as I should be since work has decreased a lot in the past few months so I’ve been looking for something else to do to fill my time. I found a new opportunity through my boss and Saturday was my first day.

I now help the Federation Football of Samoa on Saturday mornings with their league games. Mostly I organize and supervise the ball kids and I’ll be helping with the kids’ hour as well (coaching kids how to play soccer, should be fun). It is nice to be around soccer again and I realize how much I’ve missed it. Nice to have a day of all soccer again, just like the old days of soccer tournaments. I’ll be helping them every Saturday through the end of April, so I should get my fill of soccer.

I definitely needed a break from it after college, but a 2 year break was a little long. I look forward to joining a league when I get back to the US just to play again. There is a team here who wants me to play for them, so we’ll see if I do. It would be nice to strap the boots on again.

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