Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The New Residence

Before I forget, here are some pics of the new place:

First off, my little room. It's not much, but does have a ceiling fan and hot water in the bathroom.
Next the kitchen, oven & stove top as well as a fridge. Lots of counter space too.

Mustn't forget the microwave. And yes, I do make popcorn in it. There used to be a toaster, not really sure what happened to it.

The washer is really nice to have. The spin cycle makes all the difference...dry the next day even when left indoors. Amazing!

This is a panoramic of the complex. The fields are in the backyard as well as the mountains. A pretty waterfall pops out when it rains.

So that is the living situation for the next 4 months. I'm never late for work since the office is above me. I have security guards who patrol the grounds and lock/unlock the gate for me when needed. So not bad. Can't complain about housing that's for sure.

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