Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soreness is almost gone

Tuesday concluded the 5 day coaching/women's development course here at the Football Federation. It was run by an Australian elite coach instructor who works for FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation. It was a really good course; I learned a lot. It was a great opportunity for people here to learn more about coaching and women's football, especially since it was free (just about all coaching courses have fees attached). I'm really glad I attended. I look forward to coaching at home.

I haven't played soccer since I graduated from college (university to those who call high school college). This means I've gone 2.5 years with out touching a ball, with exception of the high school alumni game I played in 2 years ago. Either way, it has been a really long time since I was out on the pitch. I was playing in soccer boots made for indoor soccer since that was the only pair of soccer related shoes I own.

Indoor flats + grass (especially wet grass) = not a good idea.

I slipped all over the place...a lot. I'm quite sure that having improper equipment is a major factor as to why my groin felt a little strained by the end of the course. Feels much better now with a couple of days rest.

We got some really nice gear for the course. Shorts, shirts, warm up suit (not going to do any good here in Samoa, but I'll wear it back in the US), and actual soccer boots. This will be nice for coaching the kids on Saturday mornings and any other kicking of the ball I do. No more slipping and sliding all around the pitch.

My job changed once again. I'm now in charge of competitions instead of media. Our former competitions manager decided to switch to media so now I get that fun. Problem is there is no current thought to getting a new competitions manager. While it is good experience, it's not really a Peace Corps job. I'm having a hard time getting that point across to my boss at the Football Federation. Developing football and doing grassroots programs = PC...not doing a job a Samoan could do. Oh well, make the most of it right?

Here's a link to the Samoan Observer article I wrote about the coaching course.

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