Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Addendum to Below

So it turns out that Transam, the company the Peace Corps soccer team played Friday night and lost to, played with a player who is registered with the National League. Registered players can not play in the Business House Tournament and teams who play those players are given a default loss. So the Peace Corps team actually won the game last Friday night 3-0.

Our team practiced last night at Apia Park. We kicked a ball around for a bit and then scrimmaged some soles who were hanging around. It was fun playing pick up with random people; although the field was less than ideal, divots everywhere and grass was a really long which made things interesting (never knew where the ball was going nor if your pass would get all the way you wanted it to go). Samoan soccer, at least with these guys and in most of what I've seen in the league, is very much an individual game. Some of our guys were frustrated trying to get things working, only to pass the ball to a sole and never get the ball back.

We have practice again tonight. Some of our team is very pro-active in the practicing. I didn't want to be too hard with always practicing, but they are calling practices so it is clear they want to win. We have a few new players for our game Friday; hopefully a good result will come out of it.

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