Monday, June 14, 2010

The Greatest Month of This Year is Here!!!!

June 11 to July 11 will be the most exciting month of this entire year…it is World Cup month. I would love to be in South Africa for this!

USA took on England for their first match in the FIFA World Cup. This is a re-match of the 1950 World Cup game where the US (at that time a bunch of nobodies) took on England (the creators of the sport we know as football) and played for a 1-0 victory. According to football legend, in England the result was reported as 10-1 in favor of England. People operating the wire thought the 1 in front of the 0 must have been dropped because there was no way the US could beat powerhouse England. They were quite disappointed to learn otherwise.

This time around the sides were a bit more evenly matched, but US was still a huge underdog. The USA managed a 1-1 tie, which in reality is just about as good as win (at least we got a point out of it). They didn’t necessarily deserve it and the US is lucky they have one of the best keepers in the world between the posts because if Tim Howard hadn’t come up so huge the game would have been 3-1 easy. Also lucky that Clint Dempsey’s shot (while not pretty and should have been an easy, routine save) found the back of the net. But it doesn’t matter how it gets there, only matters that the ball crossed that line. The US did a fairly decent job shutting people down (Rooney for one), but again are lucky Tim Howard is an American. But well played boys…GO USA!!

I was lucky to be able to watch the game since I don’t have a tv. It might have killed me otherwise not knowing what was going on in such a huge game. But our very nice charge de affairs let us have a sleep over at her house and watch the game. The house is so nice…full kitchen (we took advantage of that by fixing a spaghetti dinner), ac, couches and chairs, and best of all cable tv complete with ESPN and Discovery Channel. So it was a pleasure to watch the game in the company of other Americans and at such a nice location. I nearly had a heart attack when Jozy Altidore’s shot was deflected by the keeper and hit the post late in the second half.

The Peace Corps are celebrating the World Cup by playing in the Business House Tournament up here at FFS. We had our first game Friday evening. We lost, but considering most of us have little soccer experience that’s not to be unexpected. We really didn’t do too badly also considering the other team practices and have been a team for a few years and we are a rag-tag team with little experience. I played between the posts for the game and had a few good saves. I also now remember just how much being a keeper can hurt…hitting the ground after a dive seems to hurt more than I remember, reminds me that I had a 2+ year gap in playing. I’m not sore though so that is good.

A bit of randomness here: I was jogging a couple of weeks ago when I saw an owl flying overhead. I didn’t know Samoa had owls, but this one was beautiful. It was a white barn owl (Tyto alba).

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