Thursday, June 3, 2010

Less than 90 Days and Counting

Not much is going on at the moment, other than the usual shenanigans of course. My official Close of Service date is August 25th, so I’m counting down the days. I’m starting to get excited about going home, but starting to freak out about it too. I’m not sure I’m truly ready to be back in the US; I’ve gotten pretty used to life here in Samoa (even if it drives me nuts most of the time). My sister is coming down when I leave so that should be fun to be tour guide for her.

I went scuba diving a couple of weekends ago. That was fantastic!! We went on two dives with just a little bit of current, enough to feel it but not too much where it is uncomfortable. The current brought in all kinds of animals. We were swimming in schools of fish. We saw 5 turtles, a school of batfish, and 4 spotted eagle rays. I was nearly on top of one of the turtles before I realized it was below me. When we saw the eagle rays, four were moving in sync with each other which was really amazing to watch. I wish I had a video camera for that. One of the turtles ran head on into a stingray…that was amusing to watch, not what you would call graceful.

Up at the Football Federation we are starting a Business House Tournament for local businesses and organizations, so we’ve been trying to get that organized. It’s a half field, 7 a side, 10 week tournament so it runs right up to my last week here in country. I got a Peace Corps team together so I’m excited to start playing next week.

We are also starting a program called Just Play for the schools. We have 20 schools and 2 communities in the trial run and if it goes well, we will expand from there. The goal is to train 2 teachers from each school in the basics of soccer and then those teachers deliver the soccer program to the kids at their school. The schools get basic soccer kits (balls, bibs, cones, etc) to help them deliver the program to the kids. It should be fun if it goes as planned (but that’s the key now isn’t, making sure the teachers actually deliver the program).

That’s about it though. I’m getting excited for the World Cup, can’t wait to watch as many games as possible (even if they do start at 12:30 am). I don’t have a tv, so at the moment watching any of the games will be difficult, but supposedly the Federation is getting a tv so I’ll be able to watch in the office. GO USA!!



  1. living in Samoa it should be go Socceroo's Tim Cahill a true Samoan star

  2. samoans have huge feet so they should be good at kicking the ball.