Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Last Thursday was my birthday; the third I’ve celebrated since being in Samoa. I took the day off work to go into town and have a fun day of hanging out. I got breakfast at a new coffee shop/restaurant (a croissant with nutella is amazing!), then caught “Shrek Forever After” with a friend. A restaurant in town was having a July birthday promotion so I brought two friends along and got a free lunch and a glass of champagne. I was then convinced by my guy friends to shoot some zombies on Xbox…I am not good at this and pretty sure I shot my teammates more often than zombies. I went to dinner with eight of my friends at a restaurant that none of us had been to and that turned out to be quite good. After, we had a nightcap at Why Not to finish out the night. All in all a pretty fun day of not doing much of anything, as birthdays should be.

The birthday celebration continued through the weekend. My birthday present to myself was a trip scuba diving. We went with Aqua Samoa out of the Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Resort. It was a fun trip, but the seas were rough. My air consumption continues to be really good; I had 130 bar (started out with 220 bar) after the first dive of 35 minutes and 110 bar after the second of 44 minutes. We saw a turtle and had a couple of cool swim throughs (bat fish were waiting for us at the end of the tunnels, which was cool). A day in the water is always a good day.

The fun weekend continued with an overnight trip to Savaii. One of my Group 80 Savaii counterparts is leaving in three weeks to extend his Peace Corps experience in the Caribbean and he wanted to hangout this weekend, so I figured since I was almost all the way to the wharf diving anyway I might as well go hangout. There were six of us over at Lusia’s that night enjoying the evening. We had dinner and chatted, then went to the most fun night club in all of Samoa…Evaeva.

Evaeva has a live band, a big dance floor, and the cover is only 4 tala…a bargain. Plus, it is always fun to see what kind of dance moves the ridiculously drunk soles come up with (mostly fiafia dance moves which don’t really go with the hip-hop and pop music and that makes it all the more fun). Evaeva is a little sketchy, not really a place a girl should go alone...always have a guy friend or multiple girl friends because drunken soles will want to dance and will “want to know you” but a lot of fun can be had out on the dance floor.

In the morning, I walked over the watch the World Cup Final with Jim at Jet Over Hotel. They have a nice big tv and we sat right in front while enjoying breakfast. As I said at the beginning of the tournament, Spain won. I was hoping for the Dutch to win, got to love the crazy orange uniforms, but Spain was too much for them. It was boring in the first half, then picked up and became exciting. I was happy both teams were in it though because whichever team won it meant a first time champion, which is pretty cool.

Getting on the ferry was a hoot. It was packed and a good thing the big boat was running; otherwise; I might have had to spend another night in Savaii which would not have been good. Queuing properly does not exist here in Samoa. To get a ticket at the window…massive hoard pushing and shoving their way to the front. To get in the fenced off aisle to get onto the boat…massive hoard pushing and shoving. Sometimes it’s a big pain to be squeezed in with mass amounts of people in the Samoan heat and no air conditioning…gross actually…other times the whole routine is kind of funny, all depends on one’s mood. Best idea is to just accept that this is the way it is nothing can be done about it so you might as well just go with it. And then comes getting off the boat and onto a bus where one has to sit on a lap…oh the ridiculousness. I’m going to be so used to having to push and shove in a line and sit on another’s lap I’ll probably try it in the States, much to the dismay of everyone around.

Random story time: A couple of weeks ago I was out with my coworkers monitoring the Just Play program at one of the primary schools. As we were out on the pitch I could hear singing going on in one of the classrooms. It took me a while to realize what they were singing…Justin Beiber’s “Baby, baby, baby” or whatever the name of the song is. I’m not a fan of the annoying teen’s music and was quite saddened that had reached all the way over to Samoa and primary school kids were singing it in class as an assignment…not what the world needs.

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