Monday, August 16, 2010

The Last Fun Football

The highlight of every week for me is Fun Football, an hour with the kids being coach. I usually get kids the kids who are 6-11 and they are just the right age. They aren’t the cheeky teenagers and aren’t too young you can’t do anything with them. I have fun with this age group.

Last Saturday was my last time with these kids since I’ll be leaving Samoa next week. It was always a fun tradition when I was a young player to play Butts Up with the coach as the target, so I let these kids do the same. For those of you who don’t know what Butts Up is I’ll explain. Every player has a ball and they all line up shoulder to shoulder in front of the goal. The coach, or losing team, stands in the middle of the goal, turned around, and rear end facing the players. The fun for the players is to see who can shoot the ball and hit the coach’ cushion to put it nicely. Needless to say, I think that was the highlight of the hour of football for the kids, especially the ones who had good aim.

The Business House Tournament also finished up last week. The Peace Corps team didn’t win anything, but considering we always struggled with numbers and most of the players hadn’t played either in a long time or ever, I’m proud of the team. Well done team!

The staff here at FFS held a dinner for me on Saturday night. That was a lot of fun and I enjoyed dinner and cocktails with them. Although, I’m not used to cocktails much anymore since they are usually unaffordable on a PC budget and I am not used to sugary drinks...tummy ache. The dinner was a nice send off though, as was tea this morning. I will miss the staff and being involved in football in Samoa. It has been quite an experience seeing the administrative side of football and I am glad I had the opportunity.

I started packing up my room on Sunday. It finally hit me I’ll be leaving next week. I think getting on that plane next Friday morning will be a bit difficult. This has been home for 2+ years and even with all the ridiculousness of my time here in Samoa, a part of me will never leave the islands.

So this may be my last blog from Samoa, not sure after my sister comes Wednesday if I’ll have another chance to write again. I might continue the blog for a while after I get back to the States, detailing my shock and awe with re-adjustment. We’ll see...too far in the future for now. If this is my last blog, thank you everyone for reading. I have had a good time telling my misadventures as a Peace Corps Volunteer.


  1. Erica -
    I've enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to read if you blog from home. I've followed, Matt and Sara & Cale on their adventures.

    Thank you for volunteering with the Pisikoa. You've left a deep and positive imprint.

  2. If this be your last blogg on the island, then I must thank you for generously sharing your adventures with us throughout your service in Samoa. You've always made my day a little better with each instalment.

    Take care of yourself and live brave.

  3. There's a flight to America on Fridays now! Craziness!

  4. Erica,

    My father was in Western Samoa with the Peace Corps from the mid to late 70s, when he met my mom. I grew up mostly in Thailand because of my dad's job, but I went back to the islands often and still keep in contact with my family there. With that said, I enjoyed reading your blog tremendously - a lot of the cross cultural issues made me laugh and think fondly of my time there.

    I came across your blog after trying and failing to explain fa'alavelave to my fiancee. We get married later this year and I hope to one day take her to my family's village, Fangali'i. You did a much better job at explaining fa/alavelave, but didn't really get into the headache, time and sweat that goes into preparing for an event - then again, the palangi usually just has to show up :)

    I hope you are doing well in your current endeavors and God bless. Thank you for serving in the Peace Corps - it is a great organization. I guess I have to say that, because if it wasn't for PC, I wouldn't be here today.